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No point in beating a dead horse? We Disagree.

The Importance of Repetition in Marketing Ok – so we don’t advocate beating a horse whether it’s dead or alive; however, there is very much a point in repeating the same message over and over again when it comes to marketing and spreading brand awareness.

Have you ever heard of the Marketing Rule of 7? It states a person must see an ad five to seven times to remember it.

I’ll take it one step further – In 1885, Thomas Smith, one of the first pioneers of marketing, said consumers need to see an advertisement about 20 times before they would be compelled to make a purchase. In fact, a recent study released by Mircosoft confirmed that fact, noting that (depending on the person), it takes six to 20 times of repeating a message before you achieve your desired results.
What does this tell us? Posting similar information over and over again is necessary. The approach or wording can be slightly different as long as the overall message is the same. Posting of this info can be on your webs…