Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager

When social media first debuted, many thought it was just a fad. However, it has not only proved itself to be a form of marketing that will stick around, but a driving force for businesses to share their information with current and potential customers.
Social media is a task small business owners can do themselves if their workload allows. However, when a business owner struggles with an already heavy workload, social media and marketing is usually the first thing to suffer.
We’ve all been there… When business is going good, that thought of “I don’t need to concentrate so much on marketing. I have too much business as it is!” creeps in. And unfortunately, we sometimes validate that thought. However, we all know the truth: If you stop marketing, future sales will inevitably suffer.

When marketing efforts pay off and your workload increases, that may be the time to hire a social media manager.

Here are five key benefits of having a marketing partner, who consistently focuses on your social media marketing:

1. Having a Content Creator in your Back Pocket

Social media managers have a way with words and are skilled to create content specifically for social media. The content must have a quick hook, and the post has to stand up and shout “HEY!” to grab a viewer’s attention while they’re quickly skimming through Facebook. Sometimes creating that content is time consuming when it’s not your forte, so leave it to your social media manager who can get it done quickly and efficiently. Remember – your time is money. Let your social media manager create content while you concentrate on what you love. Which is, after all, why you started your business, right?

2. Tracking of Metrics and ROI

Not only does a social media manager have the skills to develop valuable and attention-grabbing content, but they also have the time and skills to track when your viewers look at your page, who looks at your page, where your viewers are from, and what posts earned the most engagement. This can be valuable information for future sales as well as your overall marketing plan.

3. Keeping Your Workload Focused

It’s a very calming sensation for a business owner to delegate work and knowthat work will get done correctly. Let’s be honest: As business owners, we sometimes (maybe most of the time) think if we don’t do it ourselves, it won’t get done or it won’t get done right. When you have a trusted marketing partner, it will allow you to delegate with ease, concentrate on work you need to, and be less stressed overall. That marketing partner becomes a valuable member of your team, which will, as a result, allow you and your business to flourish.

4. Building Brand Recognition

Have you ever heard of the “Marketing Rule of 7?” This marketing theory states a person must see something seven times for their brain to remember and recognize it. While I don’t always believe seven is the magic number, I believe there is truth in repetition. Building quality brand recognition requires the right amount of repetition. Hiring a marketing professional means when you get busy and may not have time for social media, which you will, there is no danger to the strength of your brand recognition. Your posts will post, your tweets will tweet, and your brand will make that consistent appearance in front of your customers. In other words, your marketing partner has your back… Or in this case, your brand!

5. Competitive Advantage

Social media is something all businesses should harness; however it’s not something all businesses DO harness. Many of your competitors may still lack social media marketing or even a website. Think about it – if you’re researching a company to purchase from, would you go with the company who has a website and an active social media page over the one who doesn’t? Most consumers will choose the business that has an active social media page and an updated website, so take advantage of something as simple as social media!

If a social media or marketing partner is something that would help you and your business, visit our website and contact us today. We want to help!


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